Is Perception Reality?

I got my first dose of  ‘hate mail’ today….read more, this post has been moved to the new site….

5 responses to “Is Perception Reality?

  1. It’s clear you missed my point. I’m not “twisted” about what you said, I’m merely offering an observation that I thought might have helped with your frustration in finding a partner. I know, presumptuous of me, right?

    Perception is indeed reality. There are fewer men today who fall for the 1950’s attitude that “the man makes the money and the girl brings the pretty.” A great book for you is “The Cinderella Complex”. Check it out.

    Further, I understand your perception that Biznik is nothing but “great group of unemployed think tanks that, while collecting unemployment, reinvent themselves into experts and therefore consultants in various fields. ”

    But for you to say it’s “understandable that a man would hate my honesty over the fact that I don’t date broke men” makes the grossly inaccurate assumption that I’m broke and that I hate your honesty–both false perceptions.

    I am far from broke–in any sense of the word. I am doing what I love, the money is following in a big way, I’m successful beyond my wildest dreams, I pick up the tab for dates all the time.

    No matter how tight that ben-wa ball compartment is, if the woman comes off with that air of entitlement, I may distance myself a bit. That’s just me. Other men love needy, dependent women. It makes them easier to control.

    My comments were not at all “hating” but as I said, from a compassionate point of view. “Change the way you look and things and the things you look at will change.” If you’re having a tough time in the dating world take a look at the only person you can change: you. You are the common denominator in all these unfulfilled relationships.

    Thanks for listening and for the opportunity to have this dialogue.

    • makesnoosense

      I love the responses! Keep em coming – keep me in line. One thing I think you are missing is that I don’t give off this entitlement vibe – I’m allowing you to read my diary, so to speak. These aren’t thoughts I share with the dates you goof! I’m also not easily controlled which could be part of the problem with a lot of these men. I’m also not sure why you think I am unhappy. I too am having the time of my life. I’m curious about you and wish I could have been there to hand out the cards. Guess I will have to join the girls and go to more biznik events!! I’ll be on the lookout for a spicy man that enjoys a waxed vulva and is not a big drinker. You are spicy-in-Seattle my friend.

    • anteriormotive

      It always astounds me when people accuse bloggers of being narcissistic. It’s. A. Blog. You make it pretty clear that the subject of your writing is your life. What do they expect?


  2. Ah, you’re on to me!

    I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit harsh. Truthfully I love a woman that brings the pretty–nice mani pedis are sexy. Hot shoes are sexy. Big tits in sexy bras are sexy. Tan, smooth skin is sexy.

    I don’t think I ever wrote anything about you being unhappy. From your blog I got that you’d like to find the “right” guy, but that hasn’t been easy. I’m glad you’re having a good time in the process. Honestly, I’d rather be with the “right” woman than do a bunch of serial dating, but it is what it is. And variety can be the spice of life!

    At the Biznik event I flirted with quite a few women. There were some real hotties there. At one point I saw three women looking directly at me and sort of whispering to each other. Later, one of them came to me and asked me a question on behalf of the other two. I told her if they wanted the answer they’d have to come to me themselves. They never did. I believe if a woman is attracted, she needs to take the initiative to make contact. I contacted a different one the next day to ask her out and she said she was getting back together with her ex. So it was an interesting “networking” experience.

    Hell, women can be unemployed and shiftless too! But these gals had hot shoes, which if they are unemployed means they have credit card debt. Or a sugar daddy.

    So if you were at a Biznik event how would you identify the “spicy man” who doesn’t drink much and loves hardwood floors?

    • makesnoosense

      Ah-ha! I knew you were fun. Of course you like pretty…and I like confident, successful men. I’m not exactly sure how I will find you spicy-in-Seattle but I hope to! I do make a point to try and talk to everyone when I go to an event. The day of that particular biznik session I went to the ‘Working Women’s Wednesday’ at the Parlor and talked to each woman there – lots of great responses to the blog. I suspect we will have our moment. Watch for me. I have hot shoes and zero debt (other than a mortgage back home that my renter covers). Yes, I talk a big game but I can support myself too.

      By the way, I am moving over to still haven’t got it as cute as I’d like but since I love your comments and don’t want to lose them….will you make a note to shift over? Hell, you can even subscribe to the blog then so you don’t miss a thing.

      XOXO MakesNooSense

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