Bringing the Pretty

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2 responses to “Bringing the Pretty

  1. Yeah. Wow. Validation.

    $6K for a boob job and $8K for a tummy tuck. Sad.

    What woman would put up with a man who had a penis extension?

    You have fallen for our society’s marketing ploy that creating outer beauty will create inner beauty and peace. The exact opposite is true.

    To say “You show me a man that has a checklist like this that doesn’t take a dick in his mouth” is the height of disrespect–for the man and yourself.

    You’ll never be able to spend your way to satisfaction, and as long as you keep trying, you’ll be unhappy.

    I do love a freshly waxed vulva though. Yummy!

    Peace love and therapy.

    • anteriormotive

      I’d put up with a man who had a penis extension, depending on how well it had worked out for him. I am pretty jealous that the men I know can just roll out of bed and throw on any shirt, which matches any pants, and they’re good to go. It’s infuriating, but I’ve done both low-maintenance and high-maintenance and it’s amazing how differently the world seems to approach me in each case. It’s up to each person to decide how much that approach is worth to us, I guess, but how can you fault anyone for taking one track over the other?

      I like to split the check and often end up paying for many dates, but that’s because I feel uncomfortable with people paying for my shit, since in the past men have taken this to mean that, because they spent money on me, they are entitled to something from me. Fuck that! I’m pleased to make more money than most people in my dating pool, and it feels good to “wear the pants.”

      This is probably why you have much better shoes than I do. I need to figure out how to get over that issue- I think they taught it in Girl School the same day they taught people how to use curling irons. I must have been out sick that day.

      Anyway, to hell with the hater. Such people aren’t worth a second thought. Few would say that they’re opposed to the application of hard work and going after what we want on general principle, but when those principles are applied to one’s own appearance they suddenly become shallow and dehumanizing.

      Blah blah blah- go write a fucking poem or something, Art V.

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