Over Before It Started

TGIF – well actually now it’s Saturday but here’s the rundown from yesterday….read more, this post has been moved to the new site…

2 responses to “Over Before It Started

  1. shoot! well, some things are meant to be and some things are not. Sounds like HE was ready for the date to be over before it started. Or maybe he doesn’t like being alone??? (THAT, in itself, is a big, bright, red flag).
    so… push on, girl… your fish are waiting.

  2. anteriormotive

    Ooh, I love the backslide there. Sounds to me like he was in a bad mood the previous night to begin with, since the morning brought the return of clarity and reason.

    I call this Sandy Vagina Syndrome, and most of its victims seem to be men. Sand in the vagina can be quite irritating. Good call moving on to someone who remembers to douche before going out. 🙂

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