Skinny Dipping?!!

Holy fuck!  It is after midnight and I have a FULL schedule tomorrow but I have to capture today while it is still fresh because it is such a situation!!….read more, this post has been moved to the new site….

2 responses to “Skinny Dipping?!!

  1. I love your stories! We could take Chicago by storm! : )

  2. You gave me your blog URL at the Biznik SHINE event at Fremont Studios. I thought it might be fun to read, but it’s really quite painful.

    I say this with all compassion and love so you can reflect on it: It’s no wonder you’re having a tough time dating. It so appears to be All About You. There is a pervasive narcissistic theme throughout all of your writing. Think about it…

    The constant references to alcohol are a big red flag (you might want to consider cutting back or quitting entirely). Your overt materialism–shoes, nails, fancy restaurants–sort of a “Sex In The City” vibe–is a real turn off for most men.

    I’m sure there is a man out there for you. but I’m afraid he’s just as shallow as you are, and while you’re gossiping about your next trip to the Beach House, he’ll be plotting how to upgrade away from you to his next bimbo.

    Peace, love and therapy.

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